Mindflow Mama is a free meet up 

and mindfulness group for pregnant women

The group is held every 2 weeks and it is an opportunity for expectant mums to meet and share experiences, talk about challenges, and practice some guided mindfulness meditation techniques.

It is an opportunity to take time out, getting more centred, relaxed and connected in a deeper way with our body, our instinct and our babies.

The aim of the group is to create a community of women that want to support each other through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Mindflow Mama was born when I was pregnant with my daughter Leila. It had taken us a while to conceive and the start of the pregnancy hadn't been easy, with few scares and a lot of uncertainty about the future. All I wanted was to enjoy this beautiful moment we had finally reached but I was anxious and fearful. I could not let go and fully embrace the joy of finally being pregnant. I felt robbed of that beautiful moment I had dreamed of for so long and in its place I was living with the constant fear something bad was going to happen.


Being a yoga and mindfulness teacher, made it somehow worse, as I was meant to be feeling connected and centred but I was struggling to find myself in this new and uncharted territory. I was teaching others to connect with themselves, to relax and practice meditation and to stay in the moment but I was far from practicing those myself. I had to go back to taking care of my own practice and find a way of enjoy each and every moment, in the present.

I started focusing my mindfulness practice on connecting with my mothering instinct, and soon found out that in those beautiful moments of connection with myself, my body and my baby there was no fear...just a strong sense of presence. There was no fear for the future, nor sorrow from the past. I was in the moment and fully connected with my new reality. I felt the relationship with my baby. We were there for each other. I was finally feeling that bond that I had craved for so long and more than that, I was believing in my body. I trusted my body to be able to nourish, grow and protect my baby.


Mindfulness completely changed my pregnancy journey (and my birth). Of course, it wasn't a magic wand that turned everything into gold, I still had difficult moments but now I had the tools to cope with my emotions and strategies I could turn to every time I felt overwhelmed.

As mindfulness was so beneficial to me and other expectant moms were reporting struggling with different aspects of the pregnancy I decided to share my practice with others. I therefore set up a free mindfulness support group for pregnant mothers happening every two weeks in a local coffee shop and invited women to just turn up and get guided into relaxation. Pregnancy is a long and complex journey and everyone experiences difficulties, uncertainty, frustration and doubts at times. No matter your story I believe taking the time to connect with your body and your baby early on can set you on the right path to fully enjoy this wonderful time and to bond deeply with your future self as mother. 

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