The yoga class is specifically designed for dancers. The class has its foundations in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with a specific ladder flow structure. Working with accumulative movement and repetition this class focuses on building stamina through continuous movement and flow. At the beginning of the class breath work allows dancers to connect with diaphragmatic breathing, teaching them to breath without disturbing the alignment of the spine and ribs as well as mentally and physically grounding them. Special attention is given to alignment, balance, core stability and full body power. Upper body strength is also promoted by introducing arm balances and hand balancing skills. The session closes with a guided relaxation, a fundamental tool to help dancers find inner focus and promote decompression. Yoga for dancers is great as pre-season training, to ease dancers into the workload and to physically and mentally prepare them for the demands of the industry. Its low impact and mindful quality makes it the perfect warm up for both rehearsals and show days.

why yoga for dancers?

Modern Dancer

Mentally prepares dancers for the demands of the work.

Works on centering and self care.

Helps finding calm and presence on and off stage

Let's work together

I offer a weekly open Yoga for Dancers class available to freelancers and vocational students as well as a packages for dance companies and organisations. My client list includes 2FacedDance, Motionhouse, Southpaw Dance Company, Elmhurst Ballet School, Towards Vivencia, Anjali Dance Company, DanceXChange, National Dance CATs and Birmingham Dance Network among others.



Originally from Italy, Martina gained a BSc in Sport Science before training at London Contemporary Dance School and graduating with a MA in Performance in 2010.She has since performed with various dance companies including, Henri Oguike Dance Company, Leila McMillan, Tom Dale Company, Tavaziva Dance and spent 7 years touring internationally with dance-circus and aerial company Motionhouse. Whilst with Motionhouse she was Assistant Director for two large scale outdoors spectacles for Aarhus European Capital of Culture celebrations in Denmark (2017) and for Timișoara European Capital of Culture celebrations in Romania (2018).In September 2019 she was also assistant choreographer for Corey Baker for the making of ‘The Bridge” - a large scale production for the outdoors and most recently for the R&D of RIOT with Southpaw Dance Company. She has practiced yoga throughout her career as a way of supporting her art form both physically and mentally. Yoga has helped her achieve a focussed state of mind on stage, helping her deal with the stresses and pressures of delivering performances of a high standard but also as a way of connecting with herself, her spirituality and the way she relates with the world. She became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher in 2018. In 2109 she also became and accredited life coach. Martina opened har own yoga business - Yoga Hub Leamington- in 2020 while she continues to work as a freelance Rehearsal Director and teaches both dance and yoga in dance company and at vocational level. 



Harriet Ellis

dancer with Rosie Kay Dance Company

For me ‘Yoga for dancers’ is a full mind and body experience.  Physically it allows me to focus on developing flow and control in an expansive full body movement phrase that requires strength, flexibility and stamina. Mentally yoga gives me a clear and calm focus. Martina is a fantastic teacher, the atmosphere in her class is always joyful and supportive, and her approach to yoga is both challenging and rewarding for professional dancers.

Jorge Crecis

Choreographer and Director of Towards Vivencia

Martina’s yoga for dancers classes strike a great balance between working the body hard and creating harmony between breath and movement. Her flows sequences are powerful, intricate and the search for continuous movement makes them a great way to cross train for dancers that is both fun and challenging. She personally has great energy and is able to take dancers on a moving and meditative journey that uplifts them and grounds them at the same time. Very happy to work with Martina anytime in any circumstance, a great complement to any other training and perfect on its own.


Bryn Aled

freelancer and former dancer with Motionhouse

Yoga for dancers has become a key element to my training. Not only does it challenge me physically and technically, there is a real holistic benefit to the practice, helping me to ground myself and allowing me a positive creative outlet to emotionally connect within

Lucia Chocarro

freelancer and founding member of Feet off the Ground Collective

During this quarantine I found Martina's enthusiasm & ability to empower anyone practising behind the screen essential to keep me going!